DT 3.0beta4 - Congratulations

Congratulations on this latest beta. You have incorporated many of the suggestions on this forum which I would think is part of the whole point in having a public beta. Another factor I guess is to gauge support for your ideas. As someone not noted for being enthusiastic, my wife has commented there must be something about DT3 that is edging out my habit of a lifetime!

Along with what I use DTPO every day for, a while back I used it for my law library. Despite having invested a lot of time setting up DT database folders and smart folders to my requirements in the end i ditched it in favour of Scrivener. I am now seriously considering using DT3 instead, provided I can create a workflow that is at least as fluid as Scrivener. For all S’s attractions, it does of course cater for different purposes to DT, one of which to me is using smart folders for finding phrases in pdfs.

I won’t say that using DTPO isn’t enjoyable, on the contrary it is, but from my experience playing around and experimenting so far I reckon using DT3 is going to be a heck of a lot of fun. Visiting this forum, as I’ve said elsewhere, about twice a day since DT3 beta was launched, I have learned much about using DT3. Judging from this forum, DEVONThink has numerous friendly and helpful people on its books which is also a reflection of the esteem in which DT apps are held. So, thank you again for all your help with my questions; and many congratulations on creating what I am confident will continue to be regarded as excellent software.

Earlier this year, I recall reading that DT3 would be ‘finished’ by the summer. With the expiry of beta4 at the end of August, are we to assume that beta5 is likely to be the last? I guess that depends upon how many more bugs to iron out and suggestions to include? Which brings me to another question. As I understand, DT3 is currently for sale but as it’s a beta and not recommended for critical or productive use, why would anyone want to buy DT3 at this stage, rather than use it free of charge? Is it to help with your cash-flow, now that there’s presumably little point in buying DT’s soon to be retired?

Is there a list somewhere of what has been fixed/added with Beta 4?

I read the list that appeared before installing the update.

Maybe it’s here too?

Help>Release Notes

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https://s3.amazonaws.com/DTWebsiteSupport/download/devonthink/3.0beta4/DEVONthink%20Manual.pdf - Page 189

If you buy it now or end of August the price will be the same. You won’t save any time by buying it now or in August. So technically you aren’t using it for “free” even if you buy it in August.

The point is buy it now or later there is no difference.

The difference surely is that if I buy it now it’s in beta and not advisable to use it for anything critical or productive.