DT 3.0beta4 key bindings when editing markdown

Standard “emacs” style cursor motion keys are:

ctrl-A start of line
ctrl-E end of line
ctrl-P up one line
ctrl-N down one line

A, E, and N all work as expected when editing markdown, but ctrl-P opens a properties tab.

Now, I understand that this was done on purpose, and many will call me an idiot and tell me to use arrow keys, but in my OPINION, this limits DT’s usefulness for markdown editing. It makes it incompatible with hundreds of other programs (even this box that I’m typing this comment in!) and takes a fairly precious position on the keyboard and assigns it to a less-frequently used option. Certainly opening the properties pane will happen less frequently than one might desire to move up a line while typing.

It’s particularly frustrating because 3 of the 4 keys work, so one naturally expects the rest to. No one expects emacs, but these basic cursor-motion keys are pervasive across applications on the Mac. I routinely switch from emacs to Vim to many other pieces of desktop, iOS, and Linux software without issue and this is the first time in a while that I keep getting tripped up just trying to type words.

Just my $0.02

You could e.g. change the default shortcut of Tools > Inspectors > Document > Properties via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

Thanks, Chris. Turns out it was Tools->Inspectors->Properties for anyone encountering this later.

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You should only have needed to enter Properties since there is only one menu command with that name. Just an FYI.

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Thank you, people! Just saved my day!

Welcome @scateu and glad to hear you found help here :slight_smile: