DT 3.0beta4 - Rich text format default

Is there a way to customise a default layout format style for a RTF. Having set the left and right hand margin markers, set the spacing and added some text for my preferred font etc, I have added the new style to favourites, But when i click on the style, it doesn’t do what I saved, but all the taps appear and i have to start over.

Alternatively with Formatted Note, is it possible for me to customise the format so that when I click Formatted Note is starts exactly as I would like.


Thank you for asking about RTF style options.
I agree, we need options for custom RTF formatting, including line width, spacing, and background color.

I would prefer to have these options under Preferences -> Editing

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Having deleted my format styles and started afresh, I have customised the margins, the line spacing and font and saved as a style, selecting also the options to include the font and ruler as part of the style. All ok.

Also I have created a style with the text in colour.

However, what would be best is to be able to use my saved style without having to wade through a series of steps on the menu: Format>Style>Styles>FavoriteStyles>(click dropdown to my style)>Apply. If saved styles could be listed on the Format>Style menu then that would be something. What would be ideal - there may a way to do this already, i don’t know, is a keyboard shortcut to the custom style. Or for the toolbar icon to be set to the user’s choice of default style.

I would prefer to have these options under Preferences -> Editing

These options are already found under the Format menu, just as often seen in typical word proccessing apps, like TextEdit, Pages, etc.

You can use the OS’s App Shortcuts (found at System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts) to make key commands.You just need to make sure that the Format Bar is visible (shift-command-F), or the key commands won’t work. Just use a unique name and use that for menu title (e.g. if the style is named “UniqueStyle”, in the Shortcut panel set Menu Title to “UniqueStyle”.

I have also created a couple Apple Scripts to do some basic formatting, although this is pretty rough solution because:

  • you cannot apply a saved style, so you need to rebuild it step by step
  • and you cannot use “line height multiple” (my default method) to control spacing

Here’s an example:

tell application id "DNtp"
		tell selected text of think window 1
			-- for color take RGB value and multiple by 257: header blue = color:{7196, 17733, 34695}
			set properties to {alignment:left, font:"Georgia", size:11, color:{0, 0, 0}}
			set properties to {style:plain}
			set {line spacing, paragraph spacing, minimum line height, maximum line height} to {5, 0, 0, 0, 0}
		end tell
	end try
end tell
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Thank you, mog, for the discussion. I wasn’t aware of the Format -> Style -> Styles option.

This is very helpful for me, as I want to apply a certain style to every new RTF file without going through all details of the Format menu, as Jim suggested.

Noted, thank you.
I am familiar with using System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. When you say I need to make sure the style menu is visible, presumably that means in DT3, in which case it is shift+cmd+T. If not then why Cmd-F? However, I don’t think I’m using a sufficiently unique name for my style - it’s just two letters - either that or the shortcut is in use somewhere else. When next I have the time, I’ll try again using a more unique name.

There are also options available in the Format > Show Format Bar, allowing quicker access to thes options. This is covered in the Help > Documentation > Documents > Plain and Rich Texts.

Yes, visible in DT3.

Sorry, I had the wrong name — it is called the Format Bar (Show Format Bar is under the Format menu) and the key command to make it visible is shift-command-F.

Got the keyboard shortcut to work now, and using my two letters style name.