DT 3.0beta7 - Databases inboxes

Gradually I am getting the hang of using DT3 for my requirements Having had years of using DTPO, I’m aware of the differences between Groups and Smart Groups and am now considering dispensing with Groups and only using Smart Groups.

My question relates to Database inboxes. Via Sorter, all items are put in the Global Inbox. I understand it is not advisable to use the Global Inbox permanently. That’s ok, I don’t want to.

My question is whether it’s okay to put everything in the inbox of a user database (renaming the inbox for ease of identification if required). Currently, I don’t: instead for each database inbox I have a parent Group into which I put all items. I name the parent Group to sort to the top of the list of sibling groups and smart groups . For example:

Database: Active
Active inbox renamed: Active
Parent Group: 0
sub- smart group: 0 - Flags (for all flagged items)
and so on (a combination of Groups and Smart Groups)

Having to put everything in Parent Group 0 is time-consuming. It would be much easier (and quicker too if I want to change the Location in Sorter) to leave all items in Active’s inbox and treat that as the parent. Would that be okay? Or if not advisable then why not?


This is largely a matter of personal working style. DEVONthink accommodates many different ways of dealing with data organization, including the “everything bucket” approach. Some people like that, just like some like very deeply nested group structures.

There is no technical issue with using a database’s Inbox, or even a single group or root of the database, as one big container. If it makes sense to you and you can find what you need efficiently, then go for it.

Noted, thank you.

No problem :slight_smile: