DT 3.0beta7 - Smart Group - duplicate

Is there a way to duplicate a Smart Group? And if so then how?

I’d like to be able to duplicate when all I want is to change some parameters, not all. For example, a SG name: 2019. Filename begins with: 2019. To create an SG for 2018, it would be quicker to duplicate the 2019 SG and change name to 2018 and Filename begins with: 2018.

In both the sidebar and views that’s possible via the contextual or action menu.

Thank you. In a view, right click on a Smart Group the menu includes Duplicate to.

However, in the side bar when I right click on a SG there is no mention of Duplicate to. I atach screenshot: I clicked existing SG 2007.

Do you definitely use 3.0beta7? Because this version should support this and it’s working fine over here.


And it’s also missing in the action menu (see gear icon at the bottom of the sidebar)?


Weird. Could you please send the file ~/LIbrary/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/SmartGroups.plist to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Then I’ll check whether it’s a specific issue. Thanks.

Sending now.