DT 3.5 as a reference manager

Hello, is there a way for DT3.5 to go fetch DOI.org data and fill up metadata associated with a PDF file such as to build a database that would replace endnotes ?

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There is a script to fetch DOI

But DT3 is not a replacement for a reference manager

There are some solutions on the Forum for importing or syncing Zotero or Bookends with DT3 - those are likely the best routes in this regard.

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I agree with @rkaplan that DEVONthink isn’t meant to replace fully a reference manager but the Execute Script > External > Download Bibliographic Metadata has these comments in it…

-- 	1. Retrieves the digital object identifier (DOI) of the document 
--	2. Downloads bibliographic metadata, renames document to title and sets DOI, ISSN, Link, Date, Journal, Volume, Issue, Publisher, Type, Authors and Citation
--	NOTE: Every downloaded PDF publication (e.g. from Google Scholar or any Journal) might work.


Hi, @BLUEFROG, does DT3 embed the metadata in the PDF file or does it store the metadata in a separate file? Additionally is there a way to see the downloaded metadata?

I’m on DT3. Thanks.

P.S. I know I can see them in the list view, but I’D like to see them at a glance if possible.

The downloaded data is stored as custom metadata inside the database. See definitions in Preferences > Data and see actual data in Tools > Inspectors > Info > Custom.

Thanks for the information. As I’m not on the pro version I cannot see the Custom window. One more thing: Basically, exported PDF will not retain this metadata, right? If that’s the case, is it possible to export the PDF along with the metadata file?

The Standard edition doesn’t support custom metadata, therefore the only possibility would be to customize the script and to store the data somewhere else.

Thank you.

I don’t see that script in the list in Devonthink. Do I have to download it from somewhere?

I am afraid I too cannot find this script?

See screenshot posted by @bluefrog, it’s a smart rule script.