DT 3.5 update - DTOCRHelper eat up the memory!

After initial update to DT 3.5, things work fine until the OCR job, when it activates DTOCRHelper, after which the OCR job hangs and everything’s slowing down.

When I have to force quit DTOCRHelper from the “Activity Monitor”, it already takes up over 12GB memory on its own.

I have had trouble in 3.5 with OCR, too. The OCR hangs, and OCRHelper seems to be the culprit.

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How many documents/pages did you try to process?

Only one pdf document about 47MB or 36 pages.

I am just repeating the same process, and it hangs at the same place. and OCRHelper quickly eating up memory, from 2.2GB to 5.4GB in half a minute.

It happens only after updated to DT 3.5 and reinstall the ABBYY OCR module, not before.

In my case, it was 150+ pages. I gave it a few minutes but saw no progress.

I’m seeing the same problem. Even breaking PDFs into smaller chunks and doing them one by one is problematic.

I see this in the logs pretty often:

2020-05-21 13:10:07.487 DEVONthink 3[53221:7935719] LOG: OCR operation was unsuccessful. (Unable to create PDF export file.)
2020-05-21 13:10:08.072 DEVONthink 3[53221:7935719] Error: Error Domain=com.devontechnologies.DTOCREngine Code=-50 "OCR operation was unsuccessful." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=OCR operation was unsuccessful., NSLocalizedFailureReason=Unable to create PDF export file., NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=}, recovery: (null)
2020-05-21 13:10:08.072 DEVONthink 3[53221:7935719] LOG: Unable to create PDF export file.

I do 2 or 3 OCR jobs and then have to restart DEVONthink to be able to do any more. DT 3.5 with the ABBYY upgrade.

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some problem here. Very problematic

I was seeing this issue as well before OCR stopped being possible. It was eating all my available space on my SSD as well.

Does it work after disabling deskewing (see Preferences > OCR) and/or deleting the folder ~/Library/Application Support/ABBYY/SDK?

Unfortunately not working in my case.

  • uncheck Deskew in Preference>OCR doesn’t help;
  • then quit Devonthink and delete SDK folder as suggested;
  • restart Devonthink and the problem remain exactly the same (same screenshot too)

The OCR>Searchable PDF always hangs at “Loading Document”

How large is the document (number of pages)?

the same document as previously referred, 47MB/36pages

Does the process continue after waiting longer (at least 15 minutes)?

Only 5 minutes will cause the iMac slowing down to freeze, so never have the chance for 15 minutes

By the way, is there a way to reinstall the ABBYY OCR add-on?

or downgrade Devonthink to previous version (along with the previous ABBYY OCR module)

How much RAM does your computer have? Virtual memory might be causing the slow performance and freezing of the iMac.

To downgrade you could install v3.0.4 (https://download.devontechnologies.com/download/devonthink/3.0.4/DEVONthink_3.dmg.zip), remove ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Abbyy folder and install the OCR resources again.

The iMac has 8GB memory and working fine with previous version of Devonthink as well as the OCR add-on, before this 3.5 update.

In this case, will the OCR resource be the previous one (come with DT v3.0.4), or the cone comes with DT 3.5?

Now DT 3.5 works fine too, only the updated OCR causes problem.