DT 3.6 Release Notes

macOS 11.1-beta (20C5048k), DT 3.6
Menu -> Help ->Release Notes results in this
Skärmavbild 2020-11-19 kl. 14.32.26

This is most likely a caching issue of macOS’ help viewer, does logging out and in again fix this?

You were at least expecting a Swedish language dialog, though? :grin:

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Problem still there after rebooting.

Problem is on my iMac. Installation on MacBook Pro is running fine. Both computers should have been setup “identical”. Investigating differences.

You could try to delete the caches…


…and log out and in again.

I did reinstall DT in the meantime but no change. Even trouble with Menubar → Help → Extensions & Bookmarks showing same window. After removal of caches they both work now.
Thank you for your help.

No one expects a Swedish language dialog! :grin: