DT 3.8 Local Network Sync suddenly gives "Abort due to failure to load sync status."

My environment:

  • two mac/DT 3.8 (call them Mac A, Mac B)
  • two iPhone/DTTG 3.3.2
    everything on the same WiFi network.

Sync configuration:

  • all the devices sync only via Local Network, Bonjour enabled (no CloudKit, Local Sync, …)
  • each iPhones are configured to sync to/from both Macs
  • Macs are configured to sync between them

Sync still works fine between iPhones and both two Macs, instead what is suddenly broken is the syncronisation between the two Macs (all databases, closing/disabling each of them doesn’t changes the situation): in the log window of Mac B (and only Mac B) appears the “Abort due to failure to load sync status” error message, regardless:

  • which is the Mac that start the sync (both automatic or manual), or
  • on which Mac the changes in the databases are.
    Instead in the Sync Preferences panel of both Macs appears the “Not yet synchronized, merge with remote database” message under the database name.
    (Local network works well, Macs can see each other filesystem by means of Finder sharing)

Summing up:

  • Sync from/to Mac A and iPhone A or B works as expected;
  • Sync from/to Mac B and iPhone A or B works as expected;
  • Sync between Mac A and Mac B is broken, error message “Abort due to failure…” appears only on Mac B log window, message “Not yet synchronized…” appears on both Macs Sync Preference Pane;
  • Mac A and Mac B manage to synchronise only through iPhone DTTG bridging (a change on (say) Mac A can propagate to Mac B after one of the iPhones get synchronised with first Mac and then sync itself to the other Mac);
  • sync problem between Macs persist also trying to disable iPhones sync.

I’ve tried to “Verify & Repair Database”, “Check File Integrity” and “Optimise Database” besides restarting the app and rebooting the Macs, but no chances.

Any ideas or suggestions ? (maybe some internal DT file corrupted on one of the two Mac)

A local internal file seems to be damaged. Is there (and was there always) enough disk space on this computer available on the startup volume?

Finder says I’ve 57GB free

I would suggest to start a support ticket.


As expected, it was an internal .plist file corrupted. After remove it and restarted DT, sync works again correctly.

For others stumbling in the same problem, I’ve found the path of the bad file looking at the sync log file ~/Library/Application\ Support/DEVONthink\ 3/Cloudy/Sync.log


This solution. Find the log. Look for the offending plist. Trash it.

Open opening DT on the failing machine, it spontaneously began resyncing like the first time (in this case, 65k items). I left it to run but it appears that it’ll be OK.

Thank you, @gts for posting this!