DT 3.8 - The bugs moved out of the MD editor into the TOC

What I found so far

  • PDF TOC headings are now bold, good idea in theory but causes too much problems with most PDFs and MD too when there are only lv 1 headings
  • MD TOC entries are empty

What was fixed from 3.7.2

  • MD ==highlights== are no longer randomly not rendered
  • MD editor WYSIWYG ==highlights== have now visible dark text


  • MD WYSIWYG editor in dark mode
    • ==highlight== in dark mode is the same color as in light mode #fffd38 which is too bright
    • headings are bigger so they need be toned down in brightness, so no 100% #fff
      • Googles guidelines for example are below:
      • So normal text has 0.87 opacity on #fff and headings would have 0.60 opacity with #fff

Light text on dark backgrounds

When light text appears on dark backgrounds (shown here as white on black) it should use the following opacity levels:

  • High-emphasis text has an opacity of 87%
  • Medium-emphasis text and hint text have opacities of 60%
  • Disabled text has an opacity of 38%

Some images

This is not good:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-07 um 12.36.28


The yellow is way too bright!

Example for correct opacities in dark mode white font:

Not only theoretically depending on the documents…

Which macOS version do you use?


I’m seeing this on 10.15.7…


It started in the second 2nd level (“Sortieren”).
Everything worked fine above and below the part shown in the previous image.

This is how it looks in 3.7.2:

I downgraded to 3.7.2 so I can not do further testing.

The second level bold font is ok but the first level is way too much for that small font.
It’s not only about it being ugly, it’s hard too read as the type color is way off – especially if there are only lv1 headings. :frowning:

As there are many cases where this works and does not work an option to disable it would make everybody happy I think.

Could you send the document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thank you!

Thank you, i sent it.