DT 3 Pro - Find and Replace

I have a mass of text in hundreds of different records in Scrivener where, for reasons that need not concern, I accidentally changed the full stop at the end of each paragraph into a comma.

In Scrivener, to convert comma to a full stop I use Edit>Find>Project Replace, I select the text, and in the dialogue Find (using words for this question) comma command+enter command+enter and Replace full stop command+enter command+enter. Then click Replace.

I want to use DT3 for this mass of text (also in hundreds of different records) but I’d also like to change the comma into a full stop. In DT3, in Find and Replace, I have entered in Find , and in Replace . That works well. but it replaces all commas regardless.

I’m wondering if there is a way to specify in Find and Replace that I only want to find those commas that have two line breaks after and replace with a full stop and two line breaks after?

Does this thread help (at least in indicating that there’s a problem which will be fixed in the next release)?

(Apologies if that’s not directly on quite the same point.)


Correction. In Scrivener is control+enter, not cmd+enter

Thanks. I shall experiment with those commands, in case it is not the same point