DT 3 - Smart rule rename to "Sortable Document Date" is transposing day/month

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or just a result of the different way that different regions of the world write dates. I get some bills that have a billing date on them, such as 8/4/2018. Where I’m from, 8/4/2018 is August 4, 2018. When I use “Change name” as a Smart Rule action, and use “Sortable Document Date” as part of the new name, DT3 sometimes renames the document to “2018-04-8 electric bill,” which is April 8, 2018. It should be 2018-08-04.

Is there a setting somewhere I can use to adjust this, or is it best to say away from Sortable Document Date in this type of situation?

“Sortable Document Date”

Where are you seeing this parameter?

If I Ctrl-click in the blank field after “Change Name,” pick “Insert Placeholder” then “Document Date” and pick third from the top (2019-05-05), it puts “Sortable Document Date” into the field:

Here are the menu choices that get me there:

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Noted. Development will have to weigh in on this.

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This might be a bug, we’ll check this.

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It seems that the bug is still here in DT3b6? My system’s region is “United Kingdom” (so DD/MM/YY).

The document (pdf + text)

The criteria

The result (the correct date should be 2018-09-06


The next release will improve this. However, so far the recognition doesn’t depend on system settings or languages so that the results are identical on all systems (e.g. useful for support).

Thanks for the info.