DT access to control "safari.app" not working

Since I moved to a new Mac, I get this annoying popup

telling me to grant access to DT. It is pretty difficult to see it, as it disappears after less than one second.

After taking a video of the screen, I could see what it asked and I did so in the Mac settings (see screenshot below)

but invariably, after setting the slider for DT3 Safari to “on”, it returns to “off” after clipping one item to DT.

Note that this happens when I clip from Safari, using the “print” function of Safari and selecting PDF to DT3 (see screenshot).

It does not happen when I use the build in DT-clipper

, but I can’t use that one, as it does not give me access to paid content, and the other reason why I want to use the first method is that it gives me a more granular control on what gets PDF’d and how.

Is this issue known? Is there a workaround?

Does it work after rebooting, then changing this setting while Safari and DEVONthink are not running?

Ño. I have rebooted, changed the setting first, then started safari, then DT, and the same happens: as soon as I use the “print PDF to DT” method, the popup briefly appears (no time to read it) and at the moment it disappears the slider gets switched to “off”…

One important update! After several trials, I have just managed to “catch” the popup before it disappears. I clicked OK and now the switch remains “on”. So the problem is solved.

What remains strange is that this popup vanishes so quickly as to make it impossible to read it and click, unless standing by exactly at the right spot, and click before it disappears.

Those things are entirely controlled by the operating system and it’s definitely buggy that is automatically dismisses itself like that.

On the rare occasion someone has reported it, I tell them to keep their finger on the Return key. When forcing the popup to appear, immediately tap the Return key as the default button is the OK button.

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you are not alone. Recent versions of macOS seems to have numerous issues with Permissions–changing them, “forgetting them”, etc. I do hope Apple knows about these issues, but they keep updating without me noticing any difference.