DT and Bookends

Difficult to keep track of the threads where this problem has emerged. Since DT2 came out I have tested without success the Bookends integration, seen it figure in threads with eric and then disappear only to reemerge in the thread on Sente integration.

Can someone update on the current state of this integration - workarounds? When trying to use the bookends reference template I am still getting error messages “Please activate again with Bookends Main Window being Bookends Front Window”

I have DTPO 2.0.5 and Bookends 11.0.9

Do you have dual-monitor system? Do you perhaps use Spaces in MacOS X?

I suspect that the Bookends and DevonThink windows need to be in the same space and on the same monitor (though I could be wrong).

Thanks for the tip. Yes I have dual monitors and normally use spaces. To test, I turned off spaces and also tried ensuring both programmes were visible on the same monitor and in the same space… but no joy. :frowning:

I was one of the people who raised it in the Sente thread. Yes, I get the same error, and this is true without dual monitors (just a simple macbook here) and with the database appropriately named Bookends.
Come on… it can’t be a difficult thing to sort out, can it?
Any advice gratefully received by me too.


I offer 2 interpretations as to the failure of the forum to address this issue:
(1) Not many people using Bookends are interested in this workflow, and hence those who have tried and failed have given up.
(2) It is in fact very complicated.
There may be other interpretations, but that’s my best shot.


Thanks for this. I am considering switching to Sente 6. Having downloaded the trial version, migration from bookends was pretty easy (only just over 100 references though) and the DT script for DT2/Sente integration does seem to work.

Give it a go!

Problem is clearly the cost of acquiring the full version of Sente and time needed to learn about its functionality. I did feel that it had wider search capabilities than bookends (at least for sites and databases that interest me) and I like the way I can check references and import PDFs through Sente. Seems easier somehow than Bookends. Now if only I could stick with a set workflow (e.g. Sente-DT-Scrivener) these gains could justify the cost of switching. Alas…I’m too ill-disciplined.