DT and CloudKit syncing problems

Anyone else experiencing problems syncing today/yesterday between DT and DTTG using CloudKit? I’m in New York, so it probably doesn’t affect everyone. DT support believes it’s a CloudKit issue “again” (there seems to have been issues for many developers back in January, so maybe that’s what they’re referring to). I’m just trying to get a handle to see if I’m lucky enough to be the only one it’s hitting.

I’ve set up Bonjour at their suggestion but that’s not really a viable solution, and I’ve cleaned, turned off and on, etc.

Apple’s Cloud services are unreliable.

Do you really need cloud sync? Is anyone using your other devices that require that you sync while out and about? Bonjour which requires local network connection (when you return) will “catch up”.

or use the other third party cloud services on offer. Dropbox seems the most reliable. or consider a third party webdav service.

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Thanks for replying. I used to have Dropbox (since it was in beta) but it got very expensive and I wasn’t using it much after switching to Cloud so I canceled. I don’t really want to redo all the databases and pay a bunch to Dropbox, especially when DT is advertising the fact that it syncs easily. Cloud is fine, by the way, it’s CloudKit which is the problem (as far as I can make out). I’ve set up Bonjour but it seems to hinge on my having both the Mac and device/s open simultaneously for it to sync. Not the end of the world, of course, but CloudKit working in the background was much easier. Same goes for WebDav: Just seems a bit weird when Cloud/Cloudkit is the very first option in DT.