DT and iDisk: symlink problems

I’m hoping to move my DT databases to my iDisk for multiple computer use. On the Dtechnologies FAQ it says this is possible but I’m confused on the the directions of how to do this (it involves alias’s and turning off a setting that I can’t even find).

While trying to sync the database, I’m informed that my database can’t be synced because of symlinks.

Can anyone help me with this? Further— do you find working from the iDisk works well? Or will I be receiving iDisk errors every 2 minutes?

DEVONthink doesn’t use symlinks on its own but maybe some third-party file formats stored in the database are using them.

It might work but every network issue or concurrent access from multiple computers might cause data loss.

I think that FAQ entry should be removed because I don’t recommend iDisk for anything other than archives.

do you work on multiple computers? If so, what is your method?

No, but we are painfully aware of the issue and we will have a solution at some time in the future…

As others have suggested in the forum, I find the safest method is to close a database in DT, back it up to the second computer using ChronoSync or your favorite such utilty (but DON’'T use bi-directional syncing, which can mess up permissions, dates, and extended attributes) and use the database there. When you want to use the database on the first machine, reverse the process. This works best with imported files, and for indexing in such instances where you mirror your laptop and desktop folder structure and contents (for example). I use this procedure carefully every day as I go from one workplace to another and back, and have not lost a thing.

Sounds pretty tedious though. And how big are your databases? wouldn’t large ones take a long time to sync?

Only changes are synched so the more there are the longer it’ll take.

ahh, okay not so bad then :slight_smile:

I’m itching to see what the DT team’s solution will be. Sente has recently introduced a very nice method of synchronization, perhaps that is a model DT can use.