DT and Instapaper

I use Instapaper on my ipod Touch 3g. Is there a way to save pages or selections from this app directly to the DT ipod app? Presently I place the article in a Instapaper folder. Later, while on my home computer, I access this folder in a browser and then save to DT.

The simplest way to accomplish this is to subscribe to the RSS feed(s) of your Instapaper folder(s) in DEVONthink.

I have never used RSS and only vaguely understand its purpose. Can you elaborate on how I would accomplish this. I read the RSS documentation in DT help but still did not grasp what my next step should be.
Again, I would like to move Instapaper articles into DT most of which require some form of editing when they get into DT

I don’t have the DT app for ipod yet. Can I accomplish this same procedure on my desktop apps to try it out?

Login to instapaper and find your RSS feed (right column under the “Folder Tools” section is a link that says “RSS feed for this folder.” Right-click and copy the link. Hop over to DEVONthink and create a new RSS feed using Data->New->Feed… and press Add. DEVONthink will automatically pull the name from the feed and any new articles. You can configure how it behaves from the RSS section of the preferences pane.

Another tip is in the preference pane, you might want to turn off ‘Convert categories to tags’ as you’ll soon see hundreds of new tags added to your database from the feeds.

oh yeah. I hate that