DT and Mac Finder

I’ve referenced the files on my Mac into DT databases. I’ve found in the past that, when sending a file to the trash in DT and then emptying it, the file also disappears in my Mac Finder. Is this to be expected even when just referencing the files?

By reference, you mean “indexed” files that exist outside the DEVONthink and in the file system and that you are “viewing” in Finder?

The deletions are probably caused by you instructing DEVONthink to do so. See page 54 of the DEVONthink Manual", 3.9 version for the screen shot as shown here, along with explanatory words.

Yes, Indexed. I should’ve caught that. I’ll watch for that warning on the next emptying. Thanks.

Or maybe import the files instead of indexing them? Less risk or something going awfully wrong.

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