DT and Panther

Evening all.

Great program is the first thing I wills say, am finding it really usefull.

Small problem that im wondering if anyone can help me out with.

When I first installed DT I was using Tiger, anyway due to too much porn and a creaking hardrive I had to reinstall osx and sad story, have lost my Tiger disks. Im updating the whole computer in the next few months, so didnt really want to go and buy Tiger again for that small amount of time. It still goes for about £40 on ebay and im tight!

Anyway, point being that in Panther there seems to be support for tables, so all my older (Tiger) files that where tables just come out as big messes.

So now Im thinking, can anyone think of a way around this? I know that Tiger has better .rft support than Panther has, but am wondering if theres any add on or something I can get to tide me over and continue using this program and my old notes!

Anyones help would be greatly appreicated. So thanks people in advance