DT application not opening up


I just loaded DTP and everything seemed to be working ok. Then I went in to change the name of my database from “Devonthink Pro” to “DEVONthink Pro”. This time DTP application didn’t open up. So I changed it back to “Devonthink Pro” and it still doesn’t open up.

At least I don’t think it’s opening up. I’m new to this application, but I did see a window open with the name of the database file at the top when I first opened the application.

Any suggestions? Delete everything and start over?


Note: If you change the name of a database in the Finder, do that only while the database is not open. Things get confused if the filename of the database is changed while it is open. Think of it as similar to inviting guests to your home for dinner, then moving to a different address without sending the guests the address change.

There are two ways to force DT Pro to open a database when it is launched: 1) designate a database as default, e.g., in File > Database Properties; 2) double-click on a database file. I recommend making one of your databases default, so that there will always be a database to receive data when DT Pro is running.

If DT Pro opens without displaying a database window, try File > New Window.

Thanks Bill_Deville. I was able to open the database by double-clicking on the database file, and then I went into Properties to make it the default database. Now it’s time to give this thing a whirl. I think I’ll head on over to instructional videos.

Thanks again,