DT captured webclip send to Kindle

Sometimes the captured article is a long one, e.g. over a few thousands words, and I’d like to read on my Kindle. Is there any script, or some experience for this “send to Kindle” thing? Thanks.

I don’t have a Kindle but found this on the web:

It should be possible to simply email the items to your kindle if you have such an email address.

Thanks. Script Editor reports error when running the script, not sure what’s the problem - I perhaps need to invest some time on Apple script now.

This script just sends an attachment to your kindle email address, I would test this with your email client first before trying to use scripts.

You are aware that there is a Send To Kindle app?

The most convenient way to use it from within DEVONthink is by the Print menu where it sits as a virtual printer, similar to “Save PDF to DEVONthink”.

If it suits your needs you would need no script and no Apple Mail in the process. Of course this depends on what text formats you are using and if either the Kindle can display it natively or Amazon’s conversion software can handle it. But this would be the same with sending it per e-mail.

Thanks for the tip - installed the “Send to Kindle” app, unfortunately the app only accept kindle.COM address at login, however it did install “Send to Kindle” option to Printer.

Then I try the Print option with article in DT Inbox (web archive, clutter-free), “Send to Kindle” will by default attached the article as PDF document, and it works fine.