DT Crashing when opening HTML files (now solved)


My (unregistered) personal edition of DT was working very well, and I see a definite future for this application :wink:

I have a mixture of html files, plain text documents and pdf’s, which were all previously searchable and could be opened in separate windows. I’m not sure how the DB files are accessed, but the total size of the DB folder is 63 MB, with the last numbered DB being 5.5 MB.

When I ran a DT search today, as soon as I clicked on one of the html files in the score window, the application immediately quit. This was not the case for the plain text and pdf files which still search and open okay. The application quit was repeatable whenever I click on any of the html files either in the scrore or file list window.

I note from another topic that Mr. Grunenberg mentioned problems with html files, and I will send the crash report also, and would very much appreciate receiving the bug fix update when it becomes available.


After looking at the crash report the only thing I can say is that probably a third party extension (a bundle) causes the crash. No idea what exactly, maybe an input manager, a contextual menu plug-in or something based on Unsanity’s Application Enhancer (APE). Maybe you should check what you’ve installed lately.

The database consists of all four files.

Thanks Mr. Grunenberg,

I’ll try to back track, but I think it’s going to be like finding a needle in a hey stack because I’ve installed quite a few bits and pieces lately. I used an application called conflict catcher in OS9, but don’t know of any equivalent in OSX. Maybe I’ll get lucky, but it’s strange how only the html files in the DB are effected.

Anyway, if I find the cause, I’ll be certain to post an update which may help someone else.

Thanks again,


The HTML engine of OS X crashs while initializing some unknown bundles.

As promised I’d like to report that the above issue has now been solved (thank you too Mr. Grunenberg for your very quick responses).


The conflicting application causing DT to quit when a html file was clicked either in the DT score window or file list window was found to be the following;

ICeCoffEE 1.2b2
(I’m running Mac OS10.2.6)
The above application seems to run in the background and allows the user to open URL’s and email addresses in Cocoa applications by command-clicking.

The remedy was to search for and delete all the components of the above application (including ICeCoffEE.bundle which was in the Library> Input Managers folder) and restart. The Devon Think application is now working perfectly again with html files  ;)

Many thanks for your time and prompt attention. I will be purchasing your software.