DT databases have "wrong" UTI/content type

During setting up HoudahSpot to search DT databases, I stumbled upon the following:

The template provided by HoudahSpot seaches files with type com.devon-technologies.metadata.think3.
However, all the databases DT3 creates have a type of dyn.ah62d4qmuhk2x43dyqmu1g3mw
I tested this with DT 3.6.1 on two different Mac, running 10.13.6 and 10.14.6, respectively.

Is this something that should be investigated?


No. HoudahSpot is looking for DEVONthink’s Spotlight metadata, not DEVONthink databases.

But then there is still something that is not working…

All the DT3 databases have “Create Spotlight Index” activated, yet HoudahSpot does not find anything.
From what I can see, no Spotlight metadata is generated for the databases.

  • What are you searching for?
  • Does DEVONthink have Full Disk Access enabled in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy?

How do you know it “does not find anything”?

If you want to find DT3 content in Houdaspot, do not search by Date or Kind; search instead by Content date or Content Kind.

I search for a term inside DT. It returns several results.
Then I search for the same term in HoudahSpot. It returns “No files found”.

I only search for text, no other attributes.

A text string.

On 10.13.6, this is not applicable. On 10.14.6, I have manually added DT3. This has no effect on the issue.
I also have clicked “Rebuild” for the spotlight index of the database in DT3 on both Macs. This also has no effect. All the files in ~/Library/Metadata/com.devon-technologies.think3/remain unchanged.

I’m not seeing an issue here…

Have you tried searching by name?

The issue is that DT does not create any spotlight index for my databases despite the settings. So HoudahSpot has no data to search.

Also, there is contradictory information about where DT3 stores Spotlight metadata:
I see data in ~/Library/Metadata/com.devon-technologies.think3
The DT 3.6.1 manual says the index files are created in ~/ Library/Cache/Metadata, which does not exist on both my Macs. There is a folder ~/ Library/Caches/Metadata which does not contain any Spotlight metadata files.

Spotlight metadata would be stored per-database here. What are you seeing in there?

In Terminal, run this command…

mdfind kMDItemContentType=="com.devon-technologies.metadata.think3"

What is found?

PS: ~/Library/Cache/Metadata is used for other caching. I will adjust the documentation.

The command returns 142 entries for what I suppose are two separate databases (guessing from the UUID-like folder names):


However, I have more than two databases. I actively use ten different DT3 databases - one for each DDC main group - that each have the “Create Spotlight index” set.