DT: Delete Database from context menu

I pulled up the context menu on an open database in the sidebar so I could close a database. With some sloppy mouse movement I hit “Delete Database” instead and as I realized what I had done, had a little palpitation… Of course it asked me if I was sure, but still I wonder if the Delete database command really needs to be in that context menu, especially right next to the close database command. Seems to me since it’s not something used often (I suppose) that maybe it should just be available form the file menu?

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+1 (same experience on my side)

This has been raised a while back, over here.

Some further protection has now been built in, thankfully – since I most certainly had the same concerns initially.

One now needs to select the checkbox as well, to really confirm this is what one intends!


fully agree that if you want to delete a database you can be bothered to go to the file menu.
people make mistakes, and asking for confirmation does not make these errors impossible as we know.

Thanks for pointing out the other thread, I really need to hone my search skills.

While I’m thankful that there is the extra protection with the checkbox, I still get nervous when hovering near a delete command :wink:

Still seems strange to have what I would think would be such a rarely used command in the context menu. I think of context menus as giving quick access to the most commonly used commands.

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At least I use it frequently :slight_smile: And actually you would have to make several mistakes to really delete your database - choose the wrong menu item, enable the checkbox, click the wrong button and finally empty the Finder trash. And of course no backups at all (or at least sync stores or copies on other computers).

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et al:

@cgrunenberg and I may be biased due to out duties here, but I also use this option often. :slight_smile: