DT doesn't find email attachments


today I try the new version of DT to use Devonthink Pro Office to archive my emails with attachments (pictures).

I import a lot of emails into DT and I can see all the pictures in the emails, but when I try to search for the filename of the picture/attachment DT doesn’t find anything. Only when the filename ist also in the text of the email DT can find it.

Are there special setting so that DT can also search for the filename of an attachment like Postbox or Apple Mail?

The filenames of attachments are not yet indexed, only the contents of text attachments (including e.g. RTF, HTML or Vcard) are indexed.

Are the contents of PDF attachments (PDF documents with a text layer, naturally) currently indexed?


Not yet.

Is the indexing of attachments likely to be added soon? It would be vastly preferable to having to split out the attachments and losing the link with the emails.

I was searching to see if this was an option or not with DTPO 2.7.7. Is the scenario listed above the current status for searching attachments?

If searching attachments is not an option, I was debating on doing the following:

(1) Flag any email containing attachments with Apple Mail
(2) Check the option to attach a DTPO label to flagged emails during import
(3) Search for the DTPO labels then assign an Attachment tag to the emails

Does this sound like a possible workaround?

It’s still the current state.

This should indeed be possible.