DT-Dropbox sync error

Setup my MacPro(maverick) to sync a DB this AM to Dropbox; tried to import into DT on MacBook(maverick) . Getting the error below. any advice?
8:31:27 AM: Sync: Home_20101101 → (Dropbox) Burn FAQ.rtfd: (client error ({“error”: “

Restricted Content

This file is no longer available. For additional information <a href=“https://www.dropbox.com/support”>contact Dropbox Support.”}))

I see that the message suggests contacting Dropbox support.

Just a guess: Perhaps you exceeded your space allotment in Dropbox and the excess files were cleared and are no longer available?

thanks Bill
i still have a gig available and have contacted DB to get their input.

I am having the same trouble. I’ve had a support ticket open since 17 February, just a few days. The developer, Nathan Douglas, thinks that something has changed on the Dropbox side. Hope he/they get a fix soon. Methinks that the more people who say they’re having this trouble, the faster it’ll be solved.


I don’t think it’s Dropbox side problem - I had same problem along with another guy here

[url]Problem Syncing Omnioutliner files]

… and I fixed my problem.

No feedback from dt here?

Avatar, thanks for the tip, it was much appreciated. Alas, it didn’t fix my import problem.