DT duplicates tagged files while importing to database using AppleScript?

I’m trying to create a set of KM Macros to help filing stuff into DT. For now, I’m figuring out how to import from the Finder to DT and I’ve come across a weird behavior:
I have the following applescript set to a hotkey trigger in KM:

 tell application "Finder"
    if selection ≠ {} then
        set fileList to {}
        set sel to (selection as alias list)
        repeat with thisFile in sel
            copy POSIX path of thisFile to end of fileList
        end repeat
        display alert "Nothing selected in the Finder"
    end if
end tell

tell application id "DNtp"
    set dest to get record with uuid "82999D49-4644-438D-854B-4C1BA9D42AC7"
    repeat with currentFile in fileList
        set newRecord to import currentFile to dest
        log message (name of newRecord) & " imported to " & (name of dest)
    end repeat
end tell

This is set to work on a selected file in the finder. The UUID is the UUID of the target database’s INBOX.

If the file I select is not tagged in any way, everything works as expected. But if the file is tagged (with one or more tags) then i will get an untagged duplicate in the inbox, and a tagged duplicate in each of the tag groups.

Is this expected behavior? I’d have liked to have a single - tagged - copy of the file in my DT database …

Are groups excluded from tagging (see Database Properties)? Maybe these duplicates are actually replicants in case of group tagging.

I’ve flagged the topic to delete it because i misunderstood the behavior I was seeing : in this case I was actually importing twice. The issue I’ll flag in a later post is that I’m getting the wrong uuid from AppleScript - it’s a uuid that ONLY puts the file in the “tag” group, not the actual inbox.