DT forum & Safari; plus some good info on forum RSS

Thanks for the upgrade on phpbb. It doesn’t work on Safari just as well as the old version didn’t work on Safari. :imp: Tried 6 times to log in to post. Repeatedly phpbb re-presented the login screen. (Yes, I understand about flushing caches, history, deleting cookies, rebooting, etc etc)

Forum works just fine in DTPO.

And testing under a generic (e.g. Guest) account?

Still works fine for me with Safari 4.0.0 on 10.5.8.

That’s probably not the fault of the forum but could be caused by other WebKit applications (especially RSS readers downloading stuff regularly) using the cookies too. Please note that that’s the reason why DEVONthink Pro 2 (and DEVONagent 2.5) don’t use the cookies for feeds.

Yes, but the only RSS reader I use is DTPO. :confused:

Forum failure with Safari has been a peeve-o’-mine for years; not everyone has the problem (esp. sjk :wink: ); phpbb is notorious for weird glitches (see its forum); and anyway using this forum inside DTPO has distinct advantages.

Heh. :smiley:

Not to rub it in, but the performance has noticeably improved for me lately.

Same here-I’ve had no performance issues with the forum and Safari since back when Eric first turned off RSS feeds (3-4 weeks ago).

Is RSS switched off? I was getting it in Apple Mail, but then switched to Google Reader this past week. I got it via Reader for a couple days, but it seems to have quit since ~Friday…

Other than that, I’ve not experienced any of the losses of composed-but-not-submitted posts that used to be so common on the Forum. In general, a real encouragement to participate.


Latest news: RSS feeds with authentication

Ah thanks… I see that the board-wide feed is kaput.

I appreciated the change (which I mentioned to Eric) because the all-or-nothing board-wide feed was useless to me, only wanting to RSS-monitor the low-volume Board Notifications and Announcements subforums (and maybe the beta one).