DT from App store. Upgrade to DTPO?

Hello all,

I want to upgrade to DTPO, from the DT I purchased in the App Store. I need my registration/license code. Can’t find it.


Send a message to Support.

Thanks. Thought I was not looking in the right place.


I have the same issue. I have sent several emails to support but never get a response. I have also tried calling but the person that answered said they were only an answering service and couldn’t help me. What can I do to update to DT Pro without a license code from the Mac App store.

Have you checked your osTickets?

Do you perhaps have one of those impenetrable spam filters that blocks our responses? There really are some such filters that not only block a response, but provide no information to either party that could correct the communication problem.

Bonne, who answered your phone call, runs the business office and cannot provide technical support. But she passes queries to Support if she has the email address of the caller.

We try to respond to queries the same day or the next day, when possible. Some queries may involve extensive investigation.

Your particular query is one that can be answered easily from Support, but we don’t want to post the answer on the forum, for a very good reason. At the moment there are 5 queries awaiting response, none about the cited issue.

I have tried support many times and I never get a response.

But we always do respond, although not necessarily the same day.

You should be able to call up all osTickets that you have sent to Support.

I too have had this problem. The most recent ticket number is 338838.
Thanks in advance.