DT & iCloud

I wonder if DT will support the new technology by Apple, and if iCloud will be a solution for sync (huge) databases between different computers.


Maybe if one has enormous bandwidth available, and a great deal of patience to wait through the up/down-load processes. Over here, if I used iCloud to do the normal synchronization I do with my DEVONthink databases, Comcast would shut me down in about 10 days for abusing its bandwidth limits.

I think the new Sync procedure under development as we speak will be able to take advantage of iCloud.

But my bandwidth constraints are even tighter than korm’s. My primary ISP provides satellite broadband rated at about 1.3 Mbs download and about .25 Mbs upload. But that’s only under ideal weather conditions and I usually see much slower speeds. As to bandwidth, I get warning messages when I download major OS X updates, and I’m certain I’ll get one when I download Lion.

When it’s raining or snowing, my satellite connection bombs out. I’ve got a backup using a MiFi hotspot and a Verizon data plan with a 5 GB/month cap. It’s even slower than the satellite connection, but has lower latency.

So sync of my databases via iCloud probably won’t be feasible, but the upcoming Sync procedure will make sync via my local WiFi a relatively simple and quick procedure.

Nevertheless, I look forward to iCloud - although I suspect that even auto sync of photos among my devices will irritate my satellite ISP. :slight_smile:

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Considering that Apple just announced iCloud we might want to give Dtech more time to determine if/how it could/will integrate with their products. And they probably can’t say much publicly yet beyond what Bill already did without risking NDA violation.

iCloud works totally different than a traditional “web drive”. We will support it but we cannot use the sync approach we are currently developing. So: yes, but not release date yet.


I want to purchase DTPO, but I want to sync it with iCloud… is the sync with iCloud different from or inferior to syncing with DropBox?

Thank you

There aren’t any distinct advantages to either. iCloud is available on your devices signed into your Apple ID and it’s the easiest to set up. However, it’s also a two-stage sync where we sync locally then iCloud uploads to Apple’s servers. Our sync to Dropbox goes directly to their servers. This really only shows a difference in initial uploads / downloads. Subsequent syncs are essentially the same.

I am sure this is a dumb question. I loaded Pro on my iMac and have started to load documents into a database. I can see the database is saved on my local hard drive. I selected iCloud to sync and entered an encryption code. Everything looks good.

Then I installed Pro on my my MacBook and I selected iCloud there too and used the same encryption code. This is what it looks like I need to do from the manual, but I am not getting any data populating to my MacBook except in the inbox. I was expecting to see the name of my database in the sync list so I could have it sync to my MacBook.

So, my question is do I need to make another database on the MacBook in order to get sync’d content from my iMac? Does the MacBook database need to be named the same as the one on my iMac or are there any other requirements for it?

Thanks in advance for your help - I feel like I am stupidly missing a step.

No, and this would never work.

How big is the database on the iMac?
Is anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log on the MacBook?

Thanks for fast response. The file size of the db is 2 GB.

I dropped a file into the global inbox on my iMac and it did appear in the MacBook, but does not have any database showing under Remote

Hello again. I now see a database in the Remote portion of the Sync window! But no apparent activity. Perhaps I just need to wait longer?

Ah - one more thing. I saw in your note to another user "how to sync devonthink pro and devonthink to go with icloud?

that I would need to import. I am in the process of doing it now. Maybe that is the missing step?

Yes, you need to import the database. ALL databases are local to the devices.

Thanks - that seems to have done it!

You’re welcome.