DT indexing hidden folders

My database is indexing a folder which includes one hidden folder, and the hidden folder is also being indexed. It includes css files that need to be in that folder, but I certainly don’t want or need them in DT3. I can’t get it to stop indexing it, and I don’t want to delete it because it’ll delete the hidden folder/files, since it’s not the Root indexed folder.

I’ve tried marking the folder hidden and then unhidden again via terminal/Finder. Anything else I can do?.

You appear to be reporting abnormal behavior.
DEVONthink won’t index hidden files or folders.
How is the folder marked as hidden?

it is hidden in finder, visible in my indexed folder. a few days ago i unhid it to pull some css and then hid it again. but it’s still visible on DT3

Hidden how?
Is it named with a dot at the beginning of the name?

Yes. and not visible on finder. I don’t what “how” means but yes, both.

Was DEVONthink running while it was temporarily not hidden?