DT interfacing with other apps


I wonder if it’s possible to have DT play together with other apps. One thing coming to mind would be GTD Note Taking software or iCal.

Let’s say you need to action on some of your documents. You could have DT create a todo in iCal (or OmniFocus or Things).

Has this been done?

Yes, there are scripts and smart templates (Reminders) to set up iCal To Do or event links, using DT Pro/Office (but not DT Personal, which isn’t scriptable).

Cool. Can you enlighten me on how to set reminders in iCal? I have DT Pro.


Look in the Reminders folder in the DTP Script menu.


This is cool! Thanks for asking the question cryptochrome, and thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you indeed! Just saved my day :slight_smile: