DT lunching randomly

I have this very strange bug and I cannot figure out why is it that’s happening. I’m using CLion for development and for some reason 8 out of 10 times that I use CMD+/ to comment a line, I jump to DT! Even if DT is completely close, it opens itself!

I’ve checked several things and I cannot say what’s the issue. The CMD+/ is assigned to “Mark as Comment” on Clion and my Sorter is set a totally different key combination. I don’t think DT is trying to bring up the Sorter. Also, this never happens on Xcode, or SublimeText that I use as well.

I wonder if anyone has an idea. I think this was the case from beta and it’s still the case. Maybe some hidden debug key somewhere, I don’t know! :man_shrugging: Any idea how to approach this?

I’m on Catalina, and latest DT. It was happening on Mojave as well, and with different version of Clion! I’m baffled!

It’s the shortcut of the lookup service, this can be changed via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services.

I looked everywhere but those are quite hidden! :slight_smile: Thanks!

But then I don’t understand why it only happens on Clion! :thinking:

The service requires a text selection, was this the case before using the shortcut?