DT native viewer problems

I have problems with using highlights while using the DT native viewer.

Frequently the underlinings and/or highlights end up in the left corner down the page instead of on the selected text.

And sometimes when I do the highlights with the native viewer, afterwards I’m unable to open this pdf with Mac preview, needing to do a “force quit preview”.

Is this normal behaviour?

What version of DEVONthink and OS are you running?

Saw that 2.9.12 was just released today. I upgraded. The problem still exists however…

Should I send you an example pdf-file so that you can analyse this behaviour?

Did you highlight the document before or after updating to version 2.9.12? The update can’t fix already existing highlights.

That’s a good-one. Before I think, because. 2.9.12 was only released yesterday?

Do you think the update could influence positively on the viewer behaviour?
Did you make any improvements for the viewer, with this release?

Yes, highlighting should work as expected now (see release notes).


Didn’t experience any problems anymore lately.