DT notes --> visible / editable inside Scrivener projects?

I am using DT to write academic memos on certain topics, and then using Scrivener to organize them into articles. I keep the Scrivener file within DT.

Is there a way to use item links, or another method, so that a note that I am writing in DT can become “indexed” within the Scrivener project? My goal is to be able to see the text and edit it within Scrivener, but have those edits be “live” or “mirrored” within DT, so that I don’t end up with two versions of the same document.

This question is better suited to the scrivener forum. But the answer is: it’s doable, but there are limitations. You would have to use Scriveners “sync with external folder” feature. Take a look at the manual and let us know if you have any questions.