DT Office Pro - Enterprise/Server

I seem to recall some discussion of an enterprise/server version of Office Pro that would allow multiple people to access a central DT server for searches, uploading and creating information, etc. This would be a fantastic path for DT to take if it were true. I would like to use DT and its powerful search/relational capabilities as a KnowledgeBase engine for internal and external clients. Having a central server, different levels of permissions/access and the ability to truly access my information from anywhere would be well worth whatever price would come with it.

Have been a faithful DT Pro Office user for years and really appreciate this software. Hopefully DT has plans to up the ante.

Thanks to anyone that can supply even hints of this being a future reality.

Thanks for the feedback! There are indeed such plans but nothing to announce yet. However, we will probably enhance the web interface rather sooner than later.

I agree 1000%! I, too, have been using DT for many years and have been eagerly awaiting a server-client edition. It seems that the majority of DT users are academics; however, I own a small nationwide business and use DT for everything: business info, development, documentation on all the programs I use, and everything personal. It is literally my right hand. However, because info cannot be edited over our LAN or remotely, I have been forced to incorporate Google Docs into our workflow, which is slow and clunky, among other things.

I would love to see the business world embrace DT because it keeps all your information so nicely organized. I also would be willing to pay more for a server-client edition.

Thank you for such a wonderful program and I am eagerly awaiting the server version!

Karen :smiley: