DT out of disk space in Catalina final

After Updating Catalina final, I’m getting this error message. Seems all works fine but DT periodically shows the error. It should happen on program activation or when closed (Cmd-W). 1-5 TB disk space free.

AFAIK, it only happens in my Fusion iMac Drive, as my MacBook Pro (that has about 100 GB free only but has a “pure” SSD disk), does not happen. Could be related to App Store installing updates in background, but not sure.

Clear the Log window.
If your Max. Connections in the sync prefs is 16, set it lower, like 8, and see if it recurs.
Just curious.

Set to 8 just now.

Next capture is from idle between my last message and this one. Will post a new one later (possibly tomorrow, as it is time to sleep here, but this worries me a little).

Thanks! Just checking a hunch based on some things I read online. Good to know if appears to have no effect.

Capture from all the night. Seems it happens now on activation.

My guess is you are writing inside the App bundle and/or inside the read only partition.

And this is the activation of Power Nap. Seems iMac activated on 0:30 or so and then on 3:15 until I wake up. Another annoying thing is Xcode is failing to update as well.

Could be interesting if you can be sure this issue is not damaging my data…

Does this still happen after disabling automatic sync? Do you use iCloud for synchronizing?

I changed from 16 to 8 max connections as intstructed by @BLUEFROG and still happened. My sync scenario is WebDAV in my NAS via DDNS.

However, sync seems being working fine as my iThings are synchronized with that machine. My second seat is a very comfortable armchair… sorry, is a 2017 MBP and third chair is another 2012 Retina MBP, both no disk/sync problem. Only iMac with fusion drive (two SSD).

Did you try to completely disable sync to check whether this will stop the error messages?

No, and now I’m at work for about 4 hours and cannot access that iMac until arrive home. Will test as soon as I arrive.

(BTW, if you thing my NAS is out of space… It is plenty of space)

With sync in manual and On Quit or Deactivation unchecked, no more messages. At the moment I change to automatic and enabled On Quit…, I’ve got 3 messages.

A manually sync shows the messages.

Added: problem happens in parallel when Mail, Setapp or any other installed program complains about no space in system disk, but I have 1.5 TB free.

Ahh… so I was onto something. Good info to know!

Mail, Setapp or any other installed program

Please try to clarify the above comment.

Sync is a network related process.
Mail.app and SetApp also have network connections, especially Mail if you have very active email accounts.
Do you see complaints in non-network related apps?

By the moment, only DT,Mail and Setapp directly complained about “not enough space in boot disk” (that I wonder how this could be related to network connection.

Other Apps is Xcode that started bouncing alone in launchpad and couldn’t be killed, and Messages telling cannot send messages that have been sent…

I’m preparing to reinstall Catalina in this iMac just it is a failed installation, as my other two MacBook Pro aren’t complaining… I will be back with the result, mostly tomorrow.

Once Catalina reinstalled from scratch, with breaking and rebuilding the fusion drive, about 24 hours without any problem, not in DT and not in other applications.

Seems a failed Catalina (aka “mierda”) update.

Thanks for keeping us updated on this.

I figured you would say that.
…sigh, Apple… :roll_eyes:

Yes. it is very sad that Apple is ending in this.

Now, after almost 3 days working, I can surely confirm that the issue was a faulty Catalina update. DT is working as expected now once a full installation of Catalina has been done.

Sorry for the inconvenience I’ve caused.

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