DT Pro 2.0: smart group not ordered by RELEVANCE when saved!

Am I right that the real value of a search – the ranking of the results according to relevance – is LOST when the search is saved as a smart group, which sticks you with useless options such as Name and Kind?

That’s a pretty serious oversight. Why not have it save the search as Unsorted, where the unsorted sequence is really the relevance-rank, passed from the search?

Yep, the Score (relevance) column is only available within direct search results.

Sorry, but Name and Kind aren’t “useless options” to me in saved searches.

Unsorted sorting isn’t currently available in Three Panes view.

Hello. Any updates on this? Will PB9 finally allow Smart Groups, whose very purpose is to indicate the frequency of a search term in files by ordering the latter by relevance, to be saved in a meaningful order? The value of a Smart Group is, ironically, destroyed by saving it.

An easy solution: add an Unsorted ordering to the Smart Groups, and make this their default.

Come on engineers!