DT pro 2: striped yellow/black bar main window

It’s not really a problem that I have, merely an annoyance… In DT pro 2.0 pb1, the top of the main window has a ‘striped’ yellow/black bar in it (see attachment for an example).

Maybe the bar is supposed to be there, but I really don’t like it. I wonder if there is a reason for it. I don’t see the bar in the screenshots on the DT website. Is there something I can do to remove the bar, or will it be removed in future versions?

For the rest, DT2 looks very promising!

The striped bar indicates that you are using a beta version of DT. It will not be there in the official release version.

Thanks for the quick reply, I suspected something like this.

Gotta say that background color bleeding through your transparent menubar seems more annoying/distracting to me than DT’s temporary in-progress titlebar. :slight_smile: