DT pro 3 freezes and I have to force quit

Every single time I select the import icon in DTPro 3.0.4, the program freezes. All I get is the beach ball going round and round. I have to force quit and then restart the program.

I am on a MacBook Pro 16” with most recent Catalina OS.

Same thing happening to me on my MacBook 13" 2017 machine.

Is DEVONthink allowed to automate Microsoft Outlook (see System Preferences > Security > Automation > DEVONthink 3.app)? The app should become responsive again after some time and to avoid this in the future just collapse the Microsoft Outlook group.

@cgrunenberg, thank you for the suggestion. I checked my automation and outlook is not even listed (which is good, since I don’t use it. lol) Under devonthink 3.app, i have evernote, system events, mail, finder, and safari.

if you don’t use it at all then deinstalling it should fix the problem too.