DT Pro beta 2.0pb4 - now good enough to pay $$ for

Having posted a few kvetches here before, I thought I would report an anti-kvetch - namely, that I have been finding the latest beta for DT Pro much improved.

With OCR, I haven’t seen the gray tint problem I was having on some PDFs before, and the OCR process itself seems faster. And slowly we seem to be getting more support for tagging & this is trickling through to Smart Folders. This is a definite bonus in my case. Of course, I’m still looking forward to “real” tags (not just folder-based tags)!

At any rate, the value is now plenty good enough for me to invest my $ in - so this morning I forked it over via the online store.

Currently I’m using DT for 3 document-heavy projects. All of these could be managed by other means, but DT has a nice balance of features. Nothing is ideal, of course - for example, I still like Leap’s “deep” view of all documents of type X within a folder tree. Fortunately I’m thinking a similar enough “deep” view can be replicated on an as-needed basis in DT via Smart Folders - more work, sure, but at least the possibility is there.