DT Pro, custom metadata, and Markdown front-matter

I currently have the Standard version of DT and am considering upgrading to Pro. One use case that I would very much like to enable is ability to automatically populate custom metadata properties via Markdown front-matter attributes.

If I add a Markdown front-matter key-value pair like, for example, ‘status: needs review’, will I be able to display a custom property column in DT’s various table views, and then click on the “status” column to sort by status values? Does this happen automatically when Markdown front-matter is parsed / indexed, or do I need to do some manual setup?

I’ve hunted around a bit in the forum but haven’t spent a lot of time digging, so perhaps this has already been answered somewhere…

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There is no automatic conversion of Markdown metadata (or YAML front matter) to custom metadata. It would require scripting to accomplish.

Darn… it would be super if DT could be extended to automatically index / “extract” Markdown metadata and make it available via custom metadata. It seems that the beginnings are there, now that IndexRawMarkdownSource exists to index Markdown metadata.

Any thoughts on adding this? It would make upgrading to Pro a no-brainer for me, as I rely fairly heavily on Markdown metadata to manage my “notes” (i.e. Markdown files used for note-taking).