DT Pro Office - additional features over ScanSnap package

The ScanSnap 510M on places like Amazon and NewEgg seem to include scanning to searchable PDF, Abbyy-FineReader OCR, etc. Can these be used easily with DT-Pro ? What exactly does DT-Pro Office add (besides email archiving)?


Yes, the OCR software supplied with the ScanSnap Mac models (and some other scanners as well) can be used to convert scans of paper copy to searchable PDF. The OCR module in DT Pro Office adds the convenience of direct scan/OCR into the database, as well as the ability to convert image-only PDFs into searchable PDF within the database.

DT Pro Office 2 also has a Server mode than enables remote browsing and searching of databases and download of content via Safari or (on PCs with a plugin supplied by Apple) Internet Explorer, on a local network or via the Internet. Even See Also is available to remote users. iPhones can also access databases remotely via Safari. Remote users can send notes or upload files to the Inbox of a database This feature can be useful in an office, group or academic environment.

Thanks Bill. Is this more suited for scanning in (a) papers and reports for DT processing, than for simpler things like (b) receipts & billing statements? I won’t have (a) since almost all my documents will be online to start with, but I will have lots of (b), and am trying to decide if DTPO will be worth it for me.

Can DTPO also convert arbitrary images (e.g. camera jpgs) so I can search for text in them e.g. like Evernote?

I’ve got a financial database and scan in bills and invoices, payments, etc. and find that very useful, with an emphasis on FIND (it’s all searchable). :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried that, although in principle it should be able to do that, if the image resolution is good enough. I’ve got a digital camera that can take high-resolution images of text and I may try it in the library one of these days. I’m looking for a portable copy stand, as that could be more convenient than toting a scanner. Many years ago I used a film camera to copy rare books for research material and that worked very well, though of course not in digital form.

Bill wrote:

I’m curious to know if you ever did that or found a camera stand for taking images of documents. I am making plans to visit an archive that has documents from an old court case. Rather than buying a portable scanner or paying the court 90 cents (!!) per photocopy, I thought I would try buying a camera and stand.

curious - Ryan

After 45 minutes of searching, I think the best, cheapest option for me would be coat hangers:


In a pinch I’ve used an iPhone to image a document, import to DTPO from the phone using Preview and then OCRd it. Not perfect - but workable. A steady hand and good lighting improves the result. If you have photo editing software you can improve results by desaturating, increasing contrast, and sharpening before OCRing.

With Ryan’s found copy stand you could tether an iPhone or other smartphone and get a workable scanner.