DT Pro Office Beta2 won't import images from ScanSnap

Up to now I’ve been using DT PE and intend to upgrade to DT Pro Office when I can get the ScanSnap to work with it. I am now trialling the DT Pro Office beta2 with ScanSnap Manager version 1.0 L11 but when I scan a document I get the the following alert from ScanSnap Manager:

“No valid folder to save image is selected. Set the save folder for the scanned image data”.

Now, I’ve attempted to set DT Pro Office beta2 as directed in the Read Me - no luck whatever I do, including attempting to scan to a new database. Nevertheless, I must be doing something wrong. Any advice that will help me sort out this problem will be much appreciated. :blush:

You are not using the most recent version of ScanSnap Manager for the Mac. I’m using version 2.0.10 (I think they’ve posted 2.0.11 by now).

However, my ScanSnap was using version 1.x of ScanSnap manager software that I installed when I received it some months ago, and scanning and OCR to my databases worked perfectly.

My guess is that you need to remove the current setting for DT Pro in ScanSnap Manager’s Applications setting, then add back by browsing your DT Pro application as installed for the Office version.

Also in ScanSnap Manager’s Settings, click on the Save tab and choose a valid location in which to save images that you do not wish to OCR. I created a folder for that purpose in my Home > Pictures folder. Note that when you have selected DT Pro in Applications, images will be sent to DT Pro for OCR and saving. Images will not be sent to your folder designated for saving images in the Save tab unless you choose, e.g. Preview as the application to which a scan will be sent.

Let us know if deleting and reconfiguring the Application tab lets you successfully scan and OCR to your database.