DT Pro Office - Does it come with the standalone ABBYY FineReader?

Hi! Is the ABBYY FineReader that comes with DT Pro also a standalone version of ABBYY FineReader or can I only use it with Devonthink’s OCR? Or is it both?

Welcome @chrisaalid

The OCR engine it is not the same version as the standalone version. ABBYY has a separate version for third-party developers.

And no, it’s not a standalone application. It is integrated into DEVONthink Pro and Server.

Ah got it. I’m looking to OCR images to PDFs but not necessarily just inside DT.

Understood and you’re welcome.

I can’t install ABBYY from Install Add-ons. When I chose the ABBYY FineReader OCR and clicked the install button, no reaction and alarm of weather I have installed the build-in developer, meanwhile, I can’t acknowledge if I have got the ABBYY.

Hi, and welcome to the forum. Do you have either the Pro or Server edition of DEVONthink 3, or do you have the standard edition (which does not offer OCR)?

Assuming you have the Pro or Server edition, please

  • restart your Mac.
  • make sure no firewall is inhibiting the download (which, IIRC, will come from an AWS server).
  • try downloading the OCR add-on again; note that the download is upwards of 500 MB and make take some time; in my experience DT3 is not completely reliable in showing a download window or appropriate information in the status bar.
  • you can tell that the add-on is installed, because the “install” button will be greyed out.

If you still can’t install, please come back and let us know.

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sorry for reply at the other thread, and i have installed abbyy as your said.
but i can’ install the “pdf services” in it by now. Is it right?

PDF Services have nothing to do with the ABBYY OCR engine. It’s a service for macOS that adds Save PDF to DEVONthink 3 to the print dialogue. You can—and should—install it.

I can’t install it :joy:
click install button, and no reactions.

The only reaction is that there is a new entry in the print dialog called Save PDF to DEVONthink 3 - if the :white_check_mark: is there, the functionality is installed.


When the Install button for the ABBYY engine is disabled, it is already installed and up-to-date :slight_smile: