DT Pro Office like search in D'sphere Express?

Hi there,

I have created some folders, in which DSE should search alongside a search in the web.
This works fine, as long as I search for a word, that appears exactly the way I wrote it into DSEs searchwindow. For example “Fuzzy”

Something like “Fuzz*” doesn’t bring the File with “Fuzzy” inside, as DTPO would do.

Is there or will there be a solution for this?

Best Matze

The best options are wildcards (e.g. fuzz*) or the substring operator (~fuzz) at the moment.

Hi Christian,

fuzz* does not work properly.
For example:
There is a textfile in a specified location (Folder), with the word “Rosenstock” in the text.

Searching for “Rosenstock” finds that file, searching for “Rosenst*” doesn’t.
Though it finds other documents with “Rosenstraße”.


Best, Matze

EDIT: Problem solved! “Relevanz”-ruler was to far right. I’ve slided it to the far left and now the document is shown.