dt pro office ocr query

i am contemplating buying a scansnap1500m before the end of the month.
of course that means money for you too because i will either upgrade or buy an additional office license. there’s a rebate plan in effect until the end of june with this scanner and a certain brand of ocr software by mail.

please can you inform me about the current ocr bundle imbedded in dtproOffice? which brand is it? if I am using dt pro office should I even care about other ocr packages? (eg is this a postpone-able decision)

i have other questions too but that’s what’s on top of my mind.
i’d like to also know a bit about the server embedded in pro office as that will determine whether i buy a new license (to run devonthink on two machines simultaneously) or upgrade my existing pro license. Is the server apache based like the server built into the leopard client? Can I query data via wifi through my ipod touch if i had to?

if this is trouble to answer of course I will eventually play with the software caefully and try to figure this out. But a week is a short deadline for the rebate decision. that’s why i am bothering you about the obvious. (not too obvious beause this data isn’t on your website i did look before i asked.)
thanks in advance,

DEVONthink Pro Office uses the ABBYY FineReader OCR engine. It does not feature all the bells and whistles of the full product but solid black-box OCR finetuned for document management.

It’s based on Mac OS X’s web server framework and comes with an optimized web application for the iPhone or iPod touch. See here.

thank you for your reply.
i have now subscribed to your ‘youtube’ channel.