DT Pro Office, Web - Open Groups

When my database is accessed over the web, groups will not open as expected.

  1. Group to be opened is double clicked (upper right window)
  2. Message “Group. Double-click to open” (lower right window)
    However, the group does not open.
  3. More Information (lower left window): View, Show in a new window.
    This works.

Any idea, why double clicking a group does not work ?
(10.6.4, DT 2.05, Safari 5.02, Firefox 3.6.1)

What exactly happens when you double-click a group?

Thanks for your quick response. Please see the image attached.

  1. double click on - group will not open
  2. message “Group. Double-click to open”
  3. try again 1) - group will still not open
    Any other group will also not open.

Under More information
4) click <VIEW Show in a new window> - new window actually opens and shows content of

However, 1) or 3) do not work.

Hmm, I cannot recreate this here. Can anyone on this board copy this?