DT Pro Preferences buggy or I'm stupid, maybe ?

Yesterday I upgrade from personal to the Pro version.

If I start DT Pro the last database did open.

I read in help following mysterious tip

Even when you tell DEVONthink Professional to open no window on startup, it will always open at least one window when you open a database

What’s that I think?

But I do that and the result is.

NOTHING No window

I use 10.3.9

So I will open the last database with Menü / Last Database. I can see it in the menü

But it doesn’t open tha last database

I must open the last database with file menü

Jochen (.de)


Here’s the solution to your puzzle:

Open your database in DT Pro.

Select File > Database Properties. Near the top of the Database Properties panel, check the radio button to make this the default database.

Now this database will automatically open when you launch DT Pro. Note: You should always have a default database designated, in case Services or a script tries to send information to DT Pro while it is quit. This ensures that there will be a database open to receive information.



This was helpful.

Jochen (.de)