DT Pro registration problem

after having bought regularly DT, I have installed it on my iMac. Now I want to use it also on my Macbook. But whenever I try to install it there, my registrqation number is not accepted. What can I do?

  1. Make sure that your registration is in fact for the DEVONthink application version you have installed on the second computer. Click on the application name in the menu bar and choose ‘About’ to see the full application name and version.

  2. Enter exactly (no changes or typos) the three registration components (Name, Organization (if any), License Code) into the corresponding fields in the registration panel. After entering the last field, press the Tab key. The Register button should then activate.

Sorry, exactly that (with copy and past) doesn’t work.The cursor comes back to my name.
Again: what can I do?

Could you please send: your name and a screenshot of the about box to support(at)devon-technologies.com?

Sorry, I found the mistake: the last four numbers of my registration code is not “XXXX”, but real numbers. Thanks for helping.


EDIT: I had DevonThink resend my codes to get the latest, correct code. I’m now all all set. Thanks

I am having a similar problem, though I have entered my name and license exactly as they appear in the email I was sent when I registered. That said, I have two (three, really) different numbers: the one I received originally and the one I received when I upgraded to DTPO. Very oddly, when I go to look at the license number on my first computer it’s off by a single digit from the email I got when I originally purchased; it does not resemble the license code I got when I upgraded.

In any case, none of these codes work on my second Mac.

I am running 2.0pb3r2; I downloaded the same thing for my second Mac.

Any thoughts?

Thank you